Anyone can learn to punch and kick.  US Budokai Karate brings a unique combination of teach traditional Japanese and Okinawan karate with knowledge and history that is seldom found in other martial arts schools.


US Budokai Karate takes a different approach to teach martial arts.  While maintaining all the traditional practices of teaching karate we provide a deeper understanding of the how's and why's combine with a deep knowledge or heritage and history of karate itself.


Students will not only learn the basic techniques and functions of traditional karate movements and skills, but will also explore the applications and hidden meanings as well as learning the history behind this mysterious and often misunderstood art.


Karate has had many "modifications" and "changes" over the past century.  Budokai's goal is to bring back traditional karate while still maintaining its practicality in a modern age.  Not only will you learn the how's of karate but also the why's and from where's.


Society changes so do the methods needed to keep yourself and those you care about safe.  Budokai takes traditional karate and finds its true meaning and how you can apply it in modern day situations.  Giving you the skills, tools and mindset to handle a situation when you need it most.


Between Budokai's 4 main instructors there is over 130 years of experience. You will learn not just kata but the origins of the kata and what some of its true intentions were.  You will learn about other styles and through this knowledge you will become a more well rounded karate-ka!

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