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US Budokai Karate of Albany is a traditional Okinawan karate school focused on maintaining a dedication to the art of Karate.  Our philosophy  incorporates the historic values of the Okinawan masters to produce top level martial artists in both Karate (open hand) and Kobudō (weapons).  Using our simplified and traditional curriculum, we constantly work to enhance our students ability, knowledge, and spirit.. 
In February of 2018 Kyoshi Ross Elia (7th dan), Shihan Andrew Ballato (6th dan), Sensei Mike Spadoni (4th dan), and Senpai Frank Fleury (3rd dan) assumed the leadership of US Budokai Karate of Albany (USBKA) from their instructor, Hanshi William Reid (9th dan).   Kyoshi Ross and Shihan Andrew are the chief instructors of USBKA, having begun their training under Hanshi William Reid in 1980 and 1986 respectively.   
The US Budokai Karate Association was founded in March of 1987 by William J. Reid. Prior to that, Hanshi Reid served as the Chief Instructor of Albany Seido Karate, one of the largest branches of World Seido Karate. The World Seido Karate Organization, based in New York City, was founded in 1976 by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. Kaicho Nakamura, a Ninth Degree Black Belt, trained under Mas Oyama in Japan, and in 1969 he brought Kyokushinkai Karate to America. He taught many students in Kyokushinkai until he formed The World Seido Karate Organization. 












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Co-Head Instructor

Kyoshi Ross Elia

Kyoshi Ross Elia began his training in 1982, at the age of 6 under Hanshi William Reid, head instructor of the World Seido Karate Organization in Albany, N.Y. When Hanshi Reid broke away from the Seido Organization and formed the U.S. Budokai Organization he stayed with Hanshi Reid until his retirement from Budokai in 2018.  Through out the years Kyoshi Ross has been a part of an array of martial arts efforts.  In his early years he was active in a number of tournaments both locally and nationally.  He would go on to participate and present a number of demos, some of which include self defense clinics for New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, the Albany Public School System and Saint Rose College. Later he would become a regular instructor at US Budokai Karate Honbu. Kyoshi Ross is currently one of four owners of Budokai Karate of Albany and is a co-head instructor with Shihan Andrew Ballato.  Kyoshi Ross brings a fluid approach to karate fusing simplicity of movement and execution through a traditional martial arts curriculum. 


    Co-Head Instructor

    Shihan Andrew Ballato

    Shihan Andrew Ballato began his training in 1986, at the age of 13, under Hanshi William Reid, head instructor of the World Seido Karate Organization in Albany, N.Y. When Hanshi Reid broke away from the Seido Organization to form the U.S. Budokai Organization, he stayed with Hanshi Reid until his retirement from Budokai in 2018. Shihan Andrew has been participant in many demonstrations and seminars including leading a self defense training program for the FBI Albany Branch, Albany Academy for Girls, and the Saint Rose and Herkimer Colleges. He became lead instructor of the West Sand Lake Budokai Branch in 1999 and continued to teach until the schools’ closure in 2003. Shihan Andrew is one of the owner / partners and co-head instructor along with Kyoshi Ross Elia of Budokai Karate of Albany. He continues to teach, train, and help run the organization to further the knowledge and techniques of traditional karate practices.  Shihan Andrew also holds a 2nd degree black belt in our Okinawan Kobudo weapons program.

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    Head Kobudo Instructor / Head Tiny Tigers Instructor

    Sensei Mike Spadoni

    Sensei Michael Spadoni began training with US Budokai Karate in 2008. Sensei Spadoni holds a 4rd Dan rank in empty hand and a 2nd  Dan in weapons. He works in the telecommunications industry and is the proud father of five children, 3 of which are training in Budokai Karate.  Sensei Spadoni teaches our youngest students in our Tiny Tiger Class as well as he is our head instructor in the traditional kobudō weapons class.

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    Instructor / Head Intro Instructor

    Senpai Frank Fleury

    Senpai Frank Fleury began his karate journey later in life, starting his training at age 36 under Hanshi William Ried at US budokai Karate honbu in Albany, currently holding the rank of 3rd dan.  In addition to his instructor duties, Senpai Frank manages the front office at US Budokai Karate of Albany and is the lead introductory lesson instructor for the school.  For his day job, he works in the digital transformation consulting industry.  


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